Teaching young people about the rainforest

One of the most important aspects of fighting against deforestation and encouraging responsible logging, agriculture and other rainforest business practices, is to educate the next generation of citizens well, so that they understand and can influence the global issues that they’ll face together. It’s fair to say that the prior generation has done as much damage through rampant capitalism and growth economics as it has subsequently done to try to save the precious rainforest and the baton now falls to today’s young people, to implement sustainable and sensible policies for preservation.

Education, as ever, remains at the heart of all conservation. As a parent, you can influence this education yourself, by ensuring that you kids learn about the rainforest and its role in our world, from a young age. With the natural curiosity of kids, this shouldn’t be too difficult and you can talk to them about the wild animals they love, who dwell in these mighty forests and their natural habitats and homes.

At school, you can sit on the PTA and ensure that class curriculums cover climate change, environmental awareness and action to save the rainforest and happily, on the modern curriculum, there is plenty of scope for this.

At home, you can hold a themed birthday or other party for your child, where all the guests dress as their favourite wild animals and parents raise money for the cause. You can also offer to give talks at your children’s’ brownie or cub groups, youth clubs or other activities in which they are involved. Similarly, you can draw their attention to articles, websites and programmes that champion the cause and engage their interest.

This next generation is more important than ever in the race to save the rainforest from destruction and as parents, we have an important role to play in their education.


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