Tesco joins RSPB in a new campaign to prevent rainforest deforestation

Rainforest DeforestationThere has been interesting news in the papers recently as Tesco and RSPB have announced a partnership designed to protect the rainforests as part of a ‘Together for Tree’s initiative.

Tesco, the UK’s largest retailer, is joining Europe’s most prominent wildlife conservation trust to raise substantial sums of money to protect both vulnerable communities in the rainforests and prevent rainforest deforestation.

They explain that at current progress, a size of land equal to a football pitch is disappearing every 4 seconds in rainforests and this rainforest deforestation is also contributing greatly towards climate change, causing extra carbon dioxide to be released into the world’s atmosphere (more so in fact, than the entire aggregated global transport sector!).

Visited by over 20 million shoppers each week, Tesco will be looking to generate fundraising income from both corporate donors and individual customers, in order to fund a range of projects in the most affected area – with an initial target for the first year being to raise more than one million pounds for the national Bird preservation charity, RSPB.

Shoppers will be able to donate in a number of ways – by offering money directly or by donating their Clubcard vouchers or green Clubcard points. The supermarket has also committed funds of £75,000 from the sale of reusable ‘Together for Trees’ bags, with RSPB Cymru being earmarked as recipients of the sales of these bags in Wales.

The projects supported will include action in the Harapan Rainforest of Indonesia, Centre Hills National Park, located in Montserrat and Gola Rainforest, in West Africa. Tesco has also committed to continuing to reduce the impact of its operational supply chains on the global environment and to using its considerable power and influence to encourage other businesses to follow suit.


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