Supporting rainforest deforestation through ‘conscious’ Christmas gifts

It may only be the start of Autumn, but retailers are already eyeing up the prospect of Christmas and preparing to stock the shops with the first gifts for the festive season.

Last year, the Rainforest Foundation UK held an online auction event to raise funds and awareness of rainforest deforestation. It was a huge success and will be repeated again this year, with a fantastic array of gift items for those wishing to score a one-off celebrity endorsed gift, whilst supporting a very worthwhile charity.

As with last year, there’ll be plenty of gifts that no money could buy, such as lunch at Sting’s country manor, Kylie Minogue signed items, Jenny Packham, Aspinal of London and Vivienne Westwood goodies and VIP hampers, gig tickets, spa dates, Michelin star restaurant experiences, championship golf course rounds and signed football goodies amongst others!

The auction will raise valuable funds and help raise awareness of the charity’s work. It’s also a great way of showing how retailers can combine the festive retail trend with charitable support work – particularly as Christmas has always been a time of year traditionally associated with giving. It’s a great opportunity to buy rainforest protection themed gifts and trinkets for your loved ones and help them learn about the rainforest and its need for protection.

Other good gifts include charitable or sponsorship gifts – for example a donation towards a charity’s work, a replanted tree, or a gift of a well for a displaced Amazonian village. These are examples of gifts that support, grow and preserve the planet, rather than creating more consumer items that will eventually add to the growing piles of landfill. They can also be great for engaging and interesting people in the education and preservation work of the Rainforest Foundation and other charities and have a far longer lasting effect than the average Christmas gift, which might otherwise be discarded by New Year!


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